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The Sadness of Suicide

This past Saturday I helped register people for the Suicide Awareness Walk for Polk County, WI. Pictured above are some of the walkers and Tristan Divine, who spearheaded the first walk in memory of her son, Jordan (and member at North Valley).

Info on suicide prevention can be found on the website

My life has been affected by far too many people of all ages taking their lives…Tom, Olaf, Muriel, Jeff, Gabi, Mark, Jordan, and Ethan. Initially there is shock and unbelief, then the horrible grief, then the questions of why and what could I have done to stop it?

Every person has a different reason for taking his or her life, but for me it appears that there is one common denominator… they just want the pain, either physical or mental, to stop. They are weary. Some have it well planned; others are impulsive.

Life goes on without them, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy. There is a hole in the hearts of those who loved them. Family dynamics are never the same.

I wrote the poem below in memory of my nephew, Jeff, who took his life on December 14, 2002. I also wrote it for all those who contemplate taking their lives, wanting them just to wait until tomorrow. Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day and the next day even better.


If you’re contemplating taking your own life,

I have only three words of advice:


Although today may be dark and without hope,

And you feel you can’t cope,

Please just wait until tomorrow.

You think you will make life easier

For others by being dead.

Trust me, that notion is only in your head.

Just hold on and wait until tomorrow.

Despair, hurt, anger,

All wrapped together as one.

All you want is for the darkness to be gone.

You need to hear that you are loved.

We need to give you our hugs.

There is a way out, and that is---

Wait until tomorrow.

Written by Maggie (Fischer/Speich) Isaacson

In memory of Jeffrey Evans

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